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Phantom Wars
Despite, this movie being pretty good, we felt that we had to make fun of it...Or crossover it with none other than the Phantom Of The Opera movie. SOOO... Risky (the lyrical genius that she is) came up with some new lyrics for the the (Phantom Of The Opera), so sit back, rad and laugh your ass off, (cause morning sure glory did:)!

In sleep it sang to me, in dreams it came
That fate which calls to me and speaks my name
And do I dream again?
For now I find the Dark Side of the Force is there inside my mind

Darth Sidious:
Kill once again with me, a strange new death.
My Power over you grows Stronger yet
And though you were a Jedi you know it’s true
The Dark Side of the Force is there inside your mind

Those who are Sith Lords are greatly feared
I want that Power too

Darth Sidious:
You’ve got it Boy

Anakin and Sidious:
Anger and Passion in One Combined
the Dark Side of the Force there inside Ours Minds.


Darth Sidious:
In All your Fantasies you always knew you are the Chosen One

I am Special

Anakin and Sidious:
And in this Labyrinth of Deception
The Dark Side of the Force is there inside our minds.

Darth Sidious-:
Sing my Angel of Darkness

Anakin :
It’s there the Darth Side of the Force.

We can just taste the musical:
Coming To A City near you, Star Wars: The Musical