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People Opposing Phantom Of The Opera  Movie

Hello. We are Risky and Morning Glory, and we are here to tell you about our new project. We recently saw the Phantom Of  The Opera Movie and we were appauled and bored within the first 2 minutes. We realized it was pretty to look at, which was the only reason why Risky stayed awake...Morning Glory was just disoriented from the awfulness....

However, our dislike of the movie in no way reflects on how we feel about the broadway show. Morning Glory has seen it 5 times (2 in new york city and 3 in boston), and Risky will be seeing it soon, along with M.G's 6th time. Adrew Lloyd Webber is a musical genius, but made a mistake making Phantom into a movie...So in conclusion: Movie = BAD, Show = GOOD

The Phantom Of The Opera Movie Staring:  
Madame Giry
Theater Owners
The Phantom
The Mob

  Notice...we dont discriminate against gender or sexual orentation


What We Found Wrong

Phantom O's: A new cereal> Now with a theme Jingle

Phantom Of The Opera Movie Drinking Game  ***NEW***


Phantom of the Opera & Star Wars: Revenge of The sith (in One Combined) ***NEW***

DISCAIMER: Morning Glory and Risky are making this site for their own personal amusement. We do not own any of this material (nbc and the movie making people do). We've only cropped and resized the pics, as well as adding our own personal touches on to a few of them. Please do not be insulted by this site....we are simply mocking corporate j/k