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People Opposing The Phantom Of The Opera Movie  
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Phantom Of The Opera Drinking Game
...Because it was that bad

...Take 1 drink everytime you see Emmy Rossum vividly lip syncing

...Take 3 drinks everytime Raul is wearing his DKNY or Ralph Lauren brown leather coat (because that is so not 18th century attire)

...take 2 drinks everytime the phantom over dramatically takes off his cape.

...Take 1 drink everytime Carotta Wines.

...Take 1 drink every time Cristine pronounces Raul's name as "raaal"

...Take 2 Drinks everytime cristine becomes infatuated with the Phantom.

...Take 1 drink everytime you cannot understand what the hell carlotta is saying.

...take 5 drinks when the Phantom's scar grows five times larger than it did when it was underneath the mask