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What We Found Wrong
Ok....We've seen this twice now.....And weve found many things wrong with the movie.....Here is our list:
(The Leather Coat)

1. Did you notice that the phantom (Gerard Butler) with the mask on looks like a cross between Antonio Banderas and Ben Afflect?

2. In the reprise of all I as of you, (when Christine and Raul are singing outside) the Phantom sings and notice, he has snot hanging out of his nose

3. In the Masquerade, when the phantom rips the necklace/ring off chritines neck, he spits at her...I dont think its intentional

4. Before christines performance at the end, Raul goes to see her....He is wearing a VERY modern day brown leather coat.... In fact M.G. used to have one very similar to it

5. When christine tears off the phantom's mask during the performance, his scar grows 5 times bigger than the mask...his hair turns shades of red, blonde, and copper...he becomes bald on half of his looks like he is a burn victim

6. The Phantom's Voice: Oh...My...God!!!!!! It is like listening to freakin' Aerosmith's Steven Tyler sing (not that it is a bad thing) but it is SOOOO inapropriate for the role. The Phantom should have a nice Baritone voice...(Listen to the 1986 London cast version)

7. Cristine's voice: Not that Emmy Rossum's voice is really bad, but it was to popish... it wasn't very strong or times when she sang she sounded like a 5 year old.

8. Emmy Rossum CAN NOT lip sync!!!! It wasnt suppose to look like lipsyncing, but it did...she didn't open her mouth it was EXTREMELY obvious that she was not singing.

9. Did you notice, Madame Giry was the only cast memember with a french accent...and it takes place in France?